LM Vertical Roller Mill For Slag Grinding Process


Blast furnace slag is a by-product discharged from the process of blast furnace ironmaking, which has high potential activity. After grinding it to a certain fineness, it can replace the cement in concrete and produce green synthetic cement. It can not only be used to prepare ordinary concrete, but also one of the most commonly used mineral fine admixtures in high-performance concrete.

Typical Technology Of Slag Vertical Mill

It is mainly composed of vertical mill, hot blast stove, bag filter, return hoist, feeding system, main exhaust fan and chimney.

Process Introduction

The slag transported by the belt conveyor enters into the vertical mill through the pneumatic double flap valve. The slag is ground into fine powder in the vertical mill and dried by the hot air sent by the hot blast stove.

The fine powder separated by the separator is transported by hot air to the main dust collector for collection, and the collected fine powder is transported to the finished product warehouse through the air conveying chute.

Part of the micro powder and metal particles that can not pass through the separator enter the mill material external circulation system through the return pneumatic double flap valve, and the return material is transported to the hopper elevator by the return belt conveyor. Two pneumatic valves are set at the outlet of the bucket elevator. Under normal production conditions, the return material enters the magnetic drum separator for iron removal, and then enters the vertical mill again through the rotary air lock valve.

In special cases, the pneumatic two-way valve can discharge the material directly to realize the discharge of the mill.

Selection Of Vertical Mill

When users choose the main equipment for vertical grinding, they can determine according to the sales rules of local slag powder products and their own operating characteristics. We recommend LM vertical roller mill as the core equipment of slag production line, which can bring you greater benefits.



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