Kaolin Deep Processing Direction And Prospect Analysis


The new application fields of kaolin are constantly expanding, and the new fields such as catalyst, cosmetics, medicine, military industry and so on have higher requirements for the indicators of kaolin. Overall, the deep processing of kaolin is the future development trend.

1. Medical Kaolin

As a good filler and auxiliary material, medical kaolin has important applications in the fields of seasoning, medical auxiliary material, hemostatic material and so on.

2. Super Fine Kaolin

Super fine kaolin is mainly used in advanced electronic components, and its representative products are 5g ceramic filter and MLCC.

Driven by the strong demand of 5g, new energy vehicles and IOT, China non metallic Minerals Industry Association predicts that the domestic demand for super fine kaolin will rise from 200000 tons to 310000 tons from 2019 to 2023, with an average annual compound growth rate of 9.16%.

3. Kaolin For Cosmetics

In the cosmetics field, kaolin is used in cosmetics such as shampoo, facial cleanser, ordinary facial mask, cleansing cream, etc. to cosmetics such as cream and cosmetics. It can be used for filling materials and in formula.

4. Kaolin For Papermaking

Kaolin can make paper have good covering performance and coating luster, increase whiteness and printability.



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