Influence Of Ultrafine Mill Large Feeding Size


In ultrafine grinding mill working process, it needs to feeding material depending on the suitable materials’ size. When the material size is large, it will produce a series of problems and have effect on the machine’s output. Here will analysis the four main influence to you all to have a good understanding.

There are four situations under large feeding size of ultrafine grinding mill. And then it is very important to control the feeding material size.

1. The machine will be vibration seriously.

In ultrafine grinding mill production line, it is necessary to have some small scope of vibration. And this is the normal phenomenon for the grinded stone materials have great weight. When the feeding material is large, the machine will have abnormal vibration. It is because that the materials will need to be crushed after they enter into the machine and then they will be grinded. In the large scale material crushing process, the fragile materials will be crushed under the function of grinding mill’s powder. It will make the machine have seriously vibration.

2.Discharging materials temperature rises.

When the feeding size is large, it will increase the machine have seriously vibration. The grinding mill parts will have more friction with materials, which will make the machine inside temperature rise and make the discharging material temperature rise.

3. To wear the wear parts and hydraulic cylinder.

Large scale materials enter into the crushing capacity will make the friction large. The increasing of friction will speed up the wear of the machine parts. They include the wear parts which are directly contacting with the materials. Large feeding materials will need more power to grind the materials into desired size. It will increase the machine tension bar’s tension. When the tension is out of the machine’s standard one, it will be worn. It is the same principle to the hydraulic cylinder.

4. The large feeding material size will make other parts break.

When the feeding size is large, the machine will have greater load-bearing power. To grind materials also need more power. It will finally make the ultrafine grinding mill parts damage.



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