How To Reduce The Wear Of Ball Mill Liner


Reasonably Choose Steel Balls And Liners

Reasonable selection of steel balls and liners is an important way to reduce liner wear. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the size and quantity of steel balls, and the hardness ratio between the ball mill liner and the steel ball, and fundamentally reduce the liner during the operation of the ball mill.

Generally speaking, the hardness ratio of the ball mill liner to the steel ball should be controlled at about 1:0.8; secondly, the ratio of the mineral powder to the steel ball in the ball mill needs to be controlled. Generally speaking, the mineral powder is about twice that of the steel ball. Improper proportions can easily cause the ball mill to run under low load, which will cause the steel balls to directly impact the liner and cause the liner to break.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the material and hardness of the liner, and choose the heat treatment process of the liner reasonably.

The Lining Board Adopts New Materials

The basic requirements for the selection of liner materials can be summarized as: high wear resistance under a certain impact load. Including the following three aspects:

Control The Running Status Of The Ball Mill

Controlling the running state of the ball mill is also an important measure to deal with the wear of the liner. When the ball mill is running under low load, the ore intake of the ball mill needs to be adjusted in time to improve the grindability coefficient of the ore.

In the installation process of the liner, it is necessary to cut and repair the parts that do not match, so that the liner is fully integrated into the working system of the ball mill. After the liner is installed, it is necessary to carry out repeated debugging and detailed records to ensure that the fixed bolts in the ball mill have a certain pre-tightening force to prevent the bolts from loosening during the operation of the ball mill.



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