How To Judge The Quality Of Slag Powder


If you want to know that how the quality of the slag vertical mill? It can be judged from the following three aspects:

  1. Whether the finished product is uniform and not sticky;
  2. Whether the finished product is clean and free of impurities;
  3. Whether the finished product meets the standard;

If the above conditions are all met, then congratulations, the quality of the slag powder is very good, and it can also prove that the quality of the slag vertical mill is also relatively good.

If you are not sure about the activity of your slag source, you can send some to our company for free raw material testing, because the chemical composition of slag products excluded from different regions and different steelmaking plants is quite different, and some chemical compositions are It is not conducive to the activity of the slag, and the iron content in the slag raw material will also affect the quality of the slag powder produced by the slag vertical mill. In order to better serve customers, our company has established an industrial waste slag experimental base with a complete For grinding, ball milling and grinding experimental systems and powder laboratories, you can mail materials at any time and conduct raw material testing, and we will provide numerical basis for your equipment selection!

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