How To Improve Vertical Mill Service Life


There will be some damages and wear in vertical roller mill production line. All of these will affect the service life of vertical roller mill. Besides these factors, there are some other factors which have effect on its working time.

1. Having The Good Maintenance Work

In the working process, the vertical roller mill will grind the stone materials. With high hardness of processed material, the parts insides the vertical roller mill will be easily worn under the collision. Before each working, you need to check the machine parts. The common maintenance of vertical roller mill includes the machine parts’ actual working lifetime. After the accurate and actual record, it will have good preparation of changing the wear parts.

2. Having The Lubrication Work

There are two kinds of lubrication method: hydraulic lubrication and manual lubrication. The main lubricating method is hydraulic lubrication. The classifier and grinding roller will adopt the manual lubrication. Before starting the machine, it needs to prepare enough lubrication oil for the manual lubrication in grinding roller and classifier. The grinding roller needs one time lubrication and the classifier needs one time lubrication per three works.

3. Control The Feeding Material Size

The vertical roller mill feeding material size is the other important factor which affects the service life of machine. There will be the maximum feeding material size on the specification clearly. You need to assembly the feeding material size depending on it. When the feeding size is too large, it will have great pressure for machine. The materials will have great power with all the parts. It can cause large damage for vertical roller mill.

4. The Right Operation Of Startup And Shutdown

On the specification, there will be right operation method of startup and shutdown. The salesman will introduce the details which need to clients pay attention to. You must have the operation depending on the right steps to avoid the machine damage.



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