How To Control The Particle Size Of Raymond Mill


In order to get the required granularity of finished products, users often use some methods, so how to control the particle size of Raymond mill?

First of all, we need to know the reasons that affect the particle size of Raymond mill. The main influencing factors are: hardness of raw materials, big sieve hole of grinding particle size, equipment model, wear of lining plate, upper opening height of flushing big sieve classifier at discharge port, classifier speed, etc.

In the production of Raymond mill, if the particle size of the finished product is too large or too small to meet the requirements, then the user should check the causes of this kind of phenomenon, and take targeted solutions according to the corresponding reasons.

Each ore has its own hardness. When Raymond mill is grinding different ores, it can’t adjust the equipment to achieve a reasonable finished product size. However, before grinding, it can properly mix the ore, so as to make the finished product size as uniform as possible.

Raymond mill manufacturers tell you that if you want to better control the particle size of finished products, you need to master the above methods and the reasons that affect the particle size of finished products, and do a good job in the maintenance of Raymond mill during daily work, so that the equipment is in good working condition.



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