Ground Calcium Carbonate Production Equipment Recommended


Calcium carbonate –an inorganic compound and the main component of limestone (referred to as limestone).

According to different production methods, it can be divided into ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC).

The application of Ground Calcium carbonate refer to the chart.

GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) Application in PVC Industry: GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) is widely used in PVC industry as filler, together with PVC polyvinyl chloride via different formula and process method to achieve various PVC products with qualified physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical insulation properties.

The reason why GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) can be adopted, is the existing of chlorine, which gives PVC the ability of merging with various inorganic filler and agent, which could dramatically reduce the production cost of PVC items.

Large particle size GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) has a great destructive effect on the mechanical properties of PVC pipes, GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) with Tiny particle, SSA high, powder are easy to be agglomeration. GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) with More narrow scale of particle size contribute to more stable property of PVC product, vice versa.

Specification of Ground Calcium Carbonate for Plastic Industry Prepared by Surface Treatment

GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) Production Equipment recommended: Shanghai Zenith LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill and XZM Ultrafine Mill with Fineness:325-2500 Mesh (45-5umD97)Capacity Available:0.5-15 TPH

Coated GCC(Ground Calcium Carbonate) and Equipment recommended for Coated GCC is Shanghai Zenith Coating Machine.

The coated calcium carbonate improves the mechanical strength of the reinforcing material and its comprehensive properties, can also greatly increase the filling amount of the powder filler and reduce the production cost. At the same time, it can impart certain special physical and chemical properties to the PVC product.



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