Fluorspar Market Keeps An Upward Trend


The price of fluorite in China has continued to rise. Since April, the price of fluorite has risen unilaterally. The current price is at the high point of the year.

According to the analysis of a securities company, there are the following factors for the price increase of fluorite.

China’s domestic supply-side operating rate has declined. On the one hand, outdated mines will continue to be eliminated. In terms of new mines, mining surveys are still difficult. The downstream hydrofluoric acid market is on the rise, and some companies report that the supply of hydrofluoric acid is tight. The rise in the market price of hydrofluoric acid has formed a certain positive support for the upstream fluorite market, and the price trend of the fluorite market has risen. Overseas mines in Canada and Mexico stopped production in the second half of the year, and overseas fluorine chemical giants were generally out of stock. National acid-grade fluorspar received more and more inquiries from international buyers, which aggravated the tightness of domestic fluorspar supply in China. Downstream, in addition to the traditional demand of the refrigerant industry, fluorite, as an important mineral raw material in modern industry, has continuously developed demand in emerging fields, and is also used in strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, as well as in the fields of national defense and nuclear industry, including lithium hexafluorophosphate, PVDF , graphite anode, photovoltaic panels, etc., with the demand for new energy and semiconductors and other fields, the prosperity of the fluorine chemical industry chain will be supported in the long run.

The northern fluorspar companies have entered a shutdown period, coupled with the recent tight supply of raw material fluorspar mines, hydrofluoric acid companies have a high stocking mood, and the rapid development of new energy, semiconductors, and new materials industries has supported the demand for fluorspar for a long time. Analysts believe that the market price of fluorspar will There is still room to rise.



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