Demand For High-purity Quartz Sand May Continue To Grow


With the price of key semiconductor auxiliary materials increases by 10% again, the demand for high-purity quartz sand may continue to grow.

According to securities analysis news, the price of raw materials such as quartz used in the production of computer chips is expected to rise by another 10%, and some Korean manufacturers will increase prices in the near future. Quartz suppliers said that the reason for the price increase is that their upstream suppliers will also increase prices. It is reported that in the production of chips, quartz is used for wafer etching. As the requirements of advanced technology for etching increase, the demand for quartz will further increase.

Quartz products are one of the key auxiliary materials for semiconductors. They run through the entire manufacturing process of semiconductor products. From the production of polysilicon to the molding of silicon wafers, to oxidation, photolithography, etching, diffusion and other links, a large number of quartz products are required to participate. The agency believes that the long-term improvement of the semiconductor industry is superimposed on the rapid growth of the photovoltaic market, and the superimposition of N-type monocrystalline cells has a great potential for improving the conversion efficiency.



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