Daily Maintenance Of Limestone Production Line


Because the lime production line runs for a long time and is located outdoors, the parts in the rotary kiln will wear out over time. In order not to affect the normal operation of the equipment, the operator can focus on the following aspects in daily maintenance:

Lubrication Of The Drive Device

The lubrication of this part of the rotary kiln is mainly the lubrication between the gears. Since the pores between the gears are very limited, it is not reasonable to use graphite as the lubricant. Instead, the oil injection lubrication method is used, which requires staff Check the fuel injection status in time and confirm it.

Lubrication Between The Cylinder Backing Plate And The Rolling Ring

The fluidity and smoothness of graphite are very good, and it is suitable for lubrication of parts that require a large amount of lubricant.

Lubrication Of Support Device

The lubrication of the rolling ring and the surface of the tug on the lime production line is relatively simple, and the parts of the kiln are damaged, but it should be noted that the size of the graphite block will change during the long-term operation of the equipment. If the graphite block is found to become smaller, the maintenance personnel of the rotary kiln must Replace the graphite in time, otherwise the desired lubrication effect will not be achieved.



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