Which Equipment for Calcium Carbonate Powder Production


Brief Introduction

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound commonly known as: limestone, calcite, dolomite, marble, etc. Calcium carbonate is a kind of raw material commonly used in industry, and calcium carbonate powder is an important building material, which can realize its value in the fields of food, construction, papermaking, paint, soap, coating, plastic, chemical industry, etc. In addition, the toothpaste and calcium supplements that are commonly used in our lives, and the range of uses is very widely.

What is the grinding equipment that can process and grind to produce calcium carbonate powder? In order to understand the equipment for producing calcium carbonate powder, first you should understand the fineness of the calcium carbonate powder requirements, which industry is used, because the requirements for calcium carbonate powder in each field are not static; there have their own professional requirements. Grinding Mills play an important role in the field of calcium carbonate powder making and are widely used.

Calcium carbonate powder making machine is the main milling equipment for processing calcium powder. Now, according to market demand and technological progress, most enterprises will choose Ultrafine Grinding mill. Shanghai Zenith Mineral Co., Ltd has many grinding mills types for different sizes powder producing. Now the commonly used calcium carbonate powder has a fineness of 325 to 2500 mesh size.

Next, I mainly introduce what type grinding mill is used.

Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is one of the auxiliary equipment of the calcium carbonate powder production line. It is used to crush the raw materials size to the grinding conditions. It will be equipped before the grinding mill, which will help to improve the grade and efficiency of the ground powder. Its advantages are also very prominent: simple structure, light weight, small volume, small occupational area, little investment, operating flexible, easy and convenient transportation and installation; What’s more, Jaw Crusher has stable operation, high efficiency, large output, few failures, good quality, less noise, dust and other pollution in the production process. The crushed stone has a uniform texture, adjustable particle size and no over-crushing, providing high-quality raw materials for the grinding stage.

Ultrafine mill

The ultrafine mill is fine grinding equipment that is professionally applied in the field of non-metallic ore deep processing. The high-quality ultrafine powder produced has excellent quality and uniform particle shape. It is the mainstream equipment for promoting the application of calcium carbonate. In the case of the same particle size of the finished product, the ultrafine mill has a 40% higher output than other series of milling. In the case of the same granularity of materials and finished products, the service life of wearing parts is much less than other mining machinery and equipment, and the equipment are safe and reliable. The Ultrafine Mill design is rigorous, clean and environmentally friendly. The use of pulse dust collector and muffler reduces dust pollution and noise, and reaches the national environmental protection standard.

Shanghai Zenith Mineral Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of calcium carbonate processing and grinding equipment. Our company has a variety of models equipment for customers to choose.



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