Application Of Potassium Feldspar In Ceramic Industry


Potassium feldspar is widely used in the following ceramic sectors: grinding – Blank – Glaze – glass – materials, accounting for 30% in the ceramic industry.

Main Functions Of Potassium Feldspar In Ceramic Application:

What Is The Role Of Feldspar In The Ceramic Industry

Feldspar plays an important role in both porcelain blanks and blank glazes.

The Role Of Feldspar In Porcelain Blanks

1) Like quartz, it is a barren raw material, which can speed up the drying of the blank and reduce drying shrinkage and deformation.

2) Feldspar as a flux material can reduce the firing temperature of ceramic products.

3) Feldspar is heated to above 1100 ℃ and melted to form a glassy substance with the ability to dissolve other substances, which can promote the mutual diffusion and mutual penetration of kaolin and other china clay particles, thus accelerating the formation and development of green mullite crystals.

4) After the feldspar is melted into a glass state, it is filled between the crystal particles, the porosity is significantly reduced, the voids are reduced, the green body is compact, and the mechanical strength and electrical properties of the product can be improved.

The Role Of Feldspar In Enamel

1) The glassy substance formed by the melting of raw materials such as feldspar and quartz at high temperature is the main component of the stable layer.

2) Low melting point and easy vitrification. It starts to melt at 1100 °C, and the feldspar glass generated at high temperature can dissolve raw materials such as clay and quartz.

3) It can make the glaze have high gloss, transparent and bright.

4) Wide melting range and high melt viscosity.

5) Reduce the expansion coefficient and high temperature fluidity of the glaze.

6) Good corrosion resistance.



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