Application of Feldspar


Feldspar is the most important rock-forming mineral in surface rocks. Feldspar is the general term for minerals in the feldspar group. It is a common type of aluminosilicate rock-forming minerals containing calcium, sodium and potassium.

Feldspar is an aluminosilicate mineral containing calcium, sodium and potassium. There are many kinds of it, such as albite, anorthite, barium feldspar, barium feldspar, plagioclase, orthoclase, feldspar, etc. They all have glass luster and are of various colors. There are colorless, white, yellow, pink, green, gray, black, etc. Some are transparent, some are translucent. Feldspar itself should be colorless and transparent. The reason why it is colored or not completely transparent is because it contains other impurities. Some are lumpy, some are plate, some are column or needle, etc.

The melting point of feldspar is between 1100-1300°C, and it has good chemical stability. It has a fluxing effect when it is eutecticized with quartz and aluminosilicate. It is often used as a flux for manufacturing glass and ceramic glaze, and can reduce Firing temperature, feldspar and other mineral raw materials can be used to prepare enamel in the enamel raw material industry. In addition, feldspar can also be used in the abrasive industry. The blue-green microplagioclase, that is, Tianhe stone contains Rb and Cs, and can be used as a raw material for process ore and comprehensive recovery of Rb and Cs. Transparent and long-Moonstone can be used as a raw material for gemstones.

List Of Main Industrial Uses Of Feldspar

Feldspar is also one of the most important glass raw materials in the glass industry, and its usage in the glass industry accounts for 50%-60% of its total usage. As one of glass raw materials, feldspar has the following main functions:

(1) Potassium feldspar is rich in Al2O3 and has a low iron content, which can provide Al2O3 required in glass ingredients, and is more fusible than Al2O3, with lower melting temperature and wider melting gap, so it can reduce the melting temperature in glass production and reduce The amount of soda ash, and the aluminum in the potassium feldspar replaces part of the silicon, can improve the toughness, strength and resistance to acid and alkali erosion of the glass.

(2) The process of turning potassium feldspar into glass after melting is relatively slow, and the crystallization ability is small, which can prevent the precipitation of crystals during the glass formation process and affect normal production or glass defects.

(3) The viscosity of the glass liquid can be adjusted. Potassium feldspar’s status as a glass base material is now under attack. Potassium feldspar contains a lot of R2O (mainly K2O and Na2O), so it can only be used in glass containing R2O; the chemical composition fluctuates greatly, and it is difficult to control; impurities usually include clay, mica, iron oxide, etc., which are harmful to glass. Quality has a certain impact. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the application of potassium feldspar in the glass industry.

In terms of beneficiation, potassium feldspar raw materials meet the national quality requirements for glass-grade potassium feldspar (SiO2<70%, Al2O3>18%, Fe2O3<0.2%); stable chemical composition, stable moisture, uniform particle composition, impurities and coloring Minerals (mainly Fe2O3) are few. The main development trend of potassium feldspar purification technology should focus on fine particle beneficiation purification and comprehensive force field (gravity, centrifugal force, magnetic force, electricity, chemical force) selection technology.

Potassium feldspar series are mainly three kinds of orthoclase, microplagioclase and striped feldspar. In terms of glass industry technology, studying the process parameters of potassium feldspar raw materials can make it easy to adjust the glass composition in daily production, suitable for melting and clarify. The research work of potassium feldspar mineral will definitely promote the development of glass industry, and make glass enter a new stage of development as a functional material.

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