Application Of Dolomite In Rubber Industry


Dolomite has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in industries such as building materials, glass, ceramics, metallurgy, rubber, welding, paper making, plastics etc now.

After the sort, crushing and grinding, the dolomite can be ground into 325-1250 mesh(10-45 micron) dolomite powder. Zenith XZM series ultrafie mill and LUM series vertical roller mill can be used to produce the required particle size dolomite powder. Added the dolomite powder into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, its rubber performance is basically same as adding the light calcium carbonate powder , but the cost of dolomite powder is lower than light calcium carbonate powder. Using dolomite to produce rubber general-purpose calcium and magnesium powder, as a new type of additive and coloring agent, can partially or completely replace light calcium carbonate powder and lithopone powder. The surface-modified dolomite powder can greatly increase the reinforcing performance of rubber products. The coated dolomite powder is to coat the surface of dolomite powder with a surface modifier, and then use it as a filler.

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