Application Of Calcium Carbonate In Rubber Industry


Calcium carbonate is one of the main fillers and reinforcements used in the rubber industry. Among them, heavy calcium is mainly used as a filler to reduce costs; light calcium has semi-reinforcing properties, which can improve the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanizates; nano-calcium carbonate and modified calcium carbonate have superior reinforcing properties, and also have a toning and whitening effect.

Heavy calcium carbonate is a commonly used powdery inorganic filler. It has the characteristics of high purity, high inertness, good stability, high whiteness, low oil absorption and refractive index, and good dispersibility. It has poor reinforcing effect in rubber products. Play a filling role. It plays the role of filling and compatibilizing in natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex. It can make the rubber strong and easy to disperse in the rubber. It can also be used as a release agent or mold release agent, and can also be used as a whitening agent.

Light calcium carbonate powder has the characteristics of regular particle shape, narrow particle size distribution, and small particle size. In rubber products, it is mainly used as a reinforcing filler for white or light-colored rubber. Light calcium carbonate is used in large amounts in natural rubber and synthetic rubber compounds.

Compared with ordinary calcium carbonate powder, nano calcium carbonate powder has small size effect and surface effect, can produce excellent performance that ordinary calcium carbonate does not have, and mainly plays the role of reinforcement, filling and coloring in rubber products.

The processing of calcium carbonate through suitable milling equipment will achieve better economic and social benefits. The LM vertical roller mill provided by our company meets the needs of calcium carbonate for papermaking processing. If you are interested, please contact us to get a free calcium carbonate production solution!



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