Application Of Calcium Carbonate In Papermaking Industry


The paper industry is one of the largest markets for calcium carbonate. The application of calcium carbonate in the paper industry is mainly divided into the following two aspects:

Application As A Filler In PapermakingCalcium carbonate as a paper filler can improve the optical properties of paper products, the smoothness of paper, the forming of paper sheets, the printing adaptability and writing adaptability of products, and because its cost is much lower than that of pulp fiber, it can significantly reduce production costs. Fillers for papermaking must meet the following conditions:

Application In Paper Coating

In terms of papermaking coatings, due to the high whiteness of nano-calcium carbonate itself, as well as the large surface area, high surface activity, high strength and hardness, it is of great help to the improvement of paper quality. Adding nano-calcium carbonate to the coating can improve gloss and ink absorption, and improve the smoothness of the paper.

From the perspective of the development of the paper industry, calcium carbonate has a very broad application field, and its application prospects in the paper industry are even more difficult to estimate. The processing of calcium carbonate through suitable milling equipment will achieve better economic and social benefits. The LUM ultrafine vertical mill and XZM ultrafine mill provided by our company meets the needs of calcium carbonate for papermaking processing. If you are interested, please contact us to get a free calcium carbonate solution!

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