Application Of Calcium Carbonate In Coating Industry


Calcium carbonate is the most widely used extender pigment in coatings. It acts as a leveling effect for the skeleton and substrate in the paint film and improves coating performance at the same time.

In the putty powder, 70-80% is heavy calcium;

In thick paint, the amount of calcium carbonate is generally more than 30%; in water-based paint, the amount of calcium carbonate is 20-60%;

In the finishing paint, calcium carbonate is an ideal matting filler. For example, the matt white casein wall paint contains heavy calcium carbonate 11.5%;

In metal anti-rust paint, calcium carbonate has a certain anti-rust effect, and the appropriate amount is about 30%;

Polyvinyl alcohol 106, 803 and other architectural interior wall coatings generally contain 16%-20% of light calcium carbonate;

Interior decoration paints, such as polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint, usually contain about 10% calcium carbonate.

The processing of calcium carbonate through suitable milling equipment will achieve better economic and social benefits. The LUM ultrafine vertical mill and XZM ultrafine mill provided by our company meets the needs of calcium carbonate for papermaking processing. If you are interested, please contact us to get a free calcium carbonate production solution!

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