Application of Blast Furnace Slag


Blast furnace slag is a kind of waste slag discharged from the blast furnace during the smelting of pig iron. It is a kind of fusible mixture and can be processed into valuable materials with multiple uses by various processes.

When blast furnace slag is processed into crushed stones, it can replace natural sand and gravel, as concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete aggregates below 500, heat-resistant concrete aggregates with working temperature below 700℃, and highways and racing tracks that require wear resistance and slip resistance , Auxiliary materials for airstrips, railway ballast, tunnel filling and foundation cushion filling, sewage treatment media, etc. After blast furnace slag is quenched with a large amount of water, it can be made into fine-grained slag containing mainly glass body, which has potential hydraulic cementing properties. Under the action of activators such as cement clinker, lime, and gypsum, it shows hydraulic cement. The setting performance is a high-quality cement raw material. 70% to 80% of the cement produced in my country is mixed with different amounts of water slag. Water slag can also be used as insulation materials, wet milling and wet grinding slag, concrete and road engineering fine aggregates; soil improvement materials, etc.

Hot-melt slag can be processed into porous expanded slag, which is crushed and sieved into concrete light orthopedics, and can also be processed into particles with micropores, smooth surface and different sizes—expanded beads. Expanded beads are high-quality lightweight concrete aggregates, which can save 20% of cement compared with expanded slag; they can also be used as cement mixing materials, road materials, thermal insulation materials, etc.

Slag wool can be produced by blowing compressed air or high-pressure steam into a stream of hot molten slag. Used as heat preservation, sound absorption, fireproof materials and other purposes.

In addition, blast furnace slag can also be used as raw materials for cast stone, glass-ceramics, fertilizer, enamel, ceramics, etc.

Blast furnace slag grinding equipment recommendation: Shanghai ZENITH LM series Vertical Roller Mill. This series mill is a new type of milling equipment with advanced technology, excellent performance and drying function. It integrates the functions of drying, grinding and powder selection, used in cement, chemical industry, coal, electricity and other industries, and it has gradually become the mainstream equipment in the grinding industry.



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