Analysis Of Steel Slag Grinding And Milling Industry


To achieve carbon neutrality and reduce carbon emissions in the iron and steel industry, there are currently three ways: one is to reduce blast furnace production. At present, my country’s construction volume is still very large, and it is difficult to achieve a large amount of production reduction in the short term; The grinding technology of grinding equipment such as ball mills can extract high-quality finished products; the third is to increase the proportion of electric furnaces. At present, the growth rate of electric furnace steelmaking has basically reached its peak, increasing at a rate of up to 10% every year. This means that half of the blast furnaces in the country will not be closed in another 30 years, so it is difficult to achieve in a short period of time.

However, with the continuous application of new technologies and processes in the iron and steel industry, great progress has been made in the standardization of comprehensive utilization of metallurgical solid waste; , became a powerful leader. Many people have the idea of ​​giving up because of the poor grindability, poor activity and poor stability of steel slag. However, with the continuous development of science and technology, the steel slag treatment process is also constantly updated.

Taking the steel slag vertical mill as an example, Zenith is used to optimize the iron selection process of the vertical mill grinding system, and the multi-channel iron separator is added to the feeding system. The selected amount of metallic iron is increased, the specific surface area of ​​the finished product can reach more than 450~500 m²/kg, and the activity is good. It is suitable for cement active mixture and concrete admixture.

That is to say, under the condition of sufficient iron removal (metal iron content is less than 0.5%), any converter steel slag is ground to a specific surface area greater than 420 square meters/kg by vertical mill, and it is basically useless for all kinds of concrete. There is a problem of poor stability.

It can be seen that the steel slag micropowder is of great significance to the development of cement concrete carbon reduction.

If you think that the resource utilization product is single, then you are wrong. The steel slag micropowder after deep treatment by the steel slag vertical mill can be used for making aggregate bricks, garden landscapes, roads, etc., which not only realizes the recycling of tailings, but also creates good economic benefits for the enterprise.



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