Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill Against Ball Mill


With the continuous research and development of milling equipment, Vertical roller mills have become the ideal equipment to replace traditional ball mills. Compared with ball mill, Vertical roller mill has many advantages:

1. LM Vertical roller mill can work continuously for 6months. Ball mill requires shutdown time for maintenance.

2. Vertical roller mill has only 2 rollers, the roller can be turned out directly and change, this reduces machine downtime.

3. Vertical roller mill has external lubrication oil station to lubricate inner parts automatically while reduce the machine temperature. It reduces the frequency for maintenance. Ball mill has no lubrication station.

4. The inner structure of Vertical roller mill determines that there’s no direct touch between the grinding media(Roller and plate), so the metal wearing is little.

But ball mill, as you know the balls are hitting not only with materials, but also with each other. The wearing is more. Take limestone for example, the wearing of roller(Vertical roller mill) is only 5-10g/ton, but ball(ball mill) is 500g/ton, so Vertical roller mill servicing life is longer, what’s more, roller of Vertical Mill can be turned over to use another side if one side is worn out.

5. Vertical roller mill has lower noise and dusts, normal sound level is 80db, lower than ball mill by 20-30db. Vertical Mill adopts whole sealing system, it is working under negative pressure, there’s little dust and better protect the environment.

6. Vertical roller mill has simple production flow, saving construction investment, construction land area is 70% of ball mill, construction space is 50-60% of ball mill.

7. Vertical roller mill product size is very even, the finished product can be separated immediately without staying in the grinding chamber for re-grinding, so it avoids the over grinding. Ball mill causes over grinding all the time.

8. Vertical mill energy consumption is much lower than ball mill, compared with ball mill, it saves 30% power consumption.

All above aspects have been proved by Shanghai ZENITH Company’s engineers after many years’ research. So Vertical roller mill plays much better role in grinding industries such as power station, cement plant, etc. Now more and more customers are choosing ZENITH Vertical roller mill for their production.



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