800Mesh Ground Calcium Carbonate Powder Application


The classification of calcium carbonate powder is divided by mesh. Among them, 800 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder has a large order quantity and is the most widely used. Let us understand the use of 800 mesh heavy calcium carbonate powder.

First of all, in the gradual development of modern society, heavy calcium carbonate powder is more and more widely used. It can be used in artificial floor tiles, plastics, paints, inks, paper, coatings, rubber and other places, and the cost of 800 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder is low. ,Irreplaceable!

The commonly used heavy calcium carbonate is between 200 mesh and 800 mesh. The 800 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder can be used for:

1. Paint and latex paint also require 95% whiteness and high calcium content.

2. Water-based paints are similar to paint specifications. It can make the coating non-sedimentation, easy to disperse and good gloss.

3. the epoxy floor requirements are also high, so ground calcium carbonate powder with more than 800 mesh is required.

Fourth, 800 mesh ground calcium carbonate powder needs to be used in the production of fireproof ceilings, which can improve the whiteness and brightness of the product, and the fire resistance will also increase!



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