8 knack For Energy Saving And Consumption Reduction Of Grinding System


Grinding is a job that consumes a lot of energy and is also extremely inefficient. How to save energy and reduce consumption is the goal of people in the industry. The common energy saving and consumption reduction methods of grinding systems are:

1. Set Pre-grinding Process

Pre-grinding by roller press, etc., under the high pressure generated by the machine roller, the particles between the materials press each other, resulting in lattice splitting and crushing displacement, which can greatly improve the effective power utilization of grinding compared with the single-use mill.

2. Choose The Right Grinding Equipment

Many customers do not fully understand the crushing machinery when purchasing grinding equipment, and more than half of them just believe that the manufacturer should pass the purchase during the consultation process; understand the working principle, performance characteristics, and application scope of the ultra-fine crushing equipment. The basis for correct selection must be clear when purchasing equipment, which type of equipment to be purchased, what design principle, what effect the equipment structure can produce, and whether it meets the output, product size, grading, etc.

3. Adopt Stage Grinding Process

Research shows that the best crushing force is different for different granularity materials. Applying impact bending force for large-grained materials is the most labor-saving crushing method, and crushing hard materials with small-granularity can be crushed by squeezing and shearing. However, most of the current crushing equipment is crushed or crushed with a single mechanical force selected, which greatly limits the high-efficiency and energy-saving conditions. Therefore, the stage grinding process can be used to select the corresponding grinding equipment for materials of different particle sizes .

4. Adopt Closed Circuit Grinding Process

Using the closed circuit grinding process, it can timely separate qualified ultra-fine powder products, thereby reducing the agglomeration of fine particles and improving the efficiency of ultra-fine crushing operations. When the feed contains more qualified ultra-fine powders of particle size, a closed-circuit process with pre-grading can be used, which not only helps to reduce the load of the mill and reduce the energy consumption per unit product, but also controls the particle size distribution of the product.

5. Improve Classification Efficiency

Over-grinding is one of the main factors of energy loss in the grinding process, and the important reason for over-grinding is the low classification efficiency. The level of classification efficiency directly affects the mill productivity, which also affects the power consumption. Therefore, the classification operation is strengthened to improve The grading efficiency and reducing the circulating load of the mill are the key to reducing energy consumption.

6. Reasonable Selection Of Lining Board And Lining Protective Materials

At present, the commonly used lining plates and lining protective materials of mills include rubber, polyurethane and ceramics. Alloys and composite materials. Reasonable selection of lining plates and lining protective materials can not only reduce the wear to a lower level, greatly improve the equipment operation rate, but also solve problems such as iron pollution.

7. Reasonable Use Of Grinding Aids

Adding grinding aid in the grinding process can significantly improve the grinding efficiency, under the same fineness conditions, it can shorten the grinding time, reduce energy consumption, increase the output of the table; or under the premise of the same grinding time , Can improve product fineness and fluidity.

8. Using Automatic Control Technology

Adopts advanced automatic control method for the grinding system, through online monitoring of equipment operation, operation parameters and display of various fault alarms, so as to ensure that the grinding system is always running in an optimal state and improve production efficiency.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the grinding operation is a complete system. It is necessary to analyze the grinding process from the perspective of system engineering and clarify from the intricate internal relationships and deepen the understanding of the causal relationship of state changes, and grasp the relationship between various factors. Internal connection, find out the key factors, and optimize continuously to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.



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