Construction Waste Crushing Plant

Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crushing plant is convenient and quick to realize the concrete waste disposal. After the sorting of construction waste through a specific iron removal equipment to remove the iron material contained, through the coarse crushing,secondary crushing and even fine crushing to process into a certain size of the recycled aggregate and finally applied to subgrade stone, unburned brick and cement admixture and many other aspects.

    Construction Waste Crusher
  • 【Feed size】: 125-1020mm
  • 【Capacity】: 5-800T/h
  • 【Application】: construction waste crushing plant used in metallurgical, mining, cement, chemical and ceramic and other industrial sectors, as well as highway construction, water conservancy projects, construction gravel, sand processing and other fields.
  • 【Material】: suitable for all kinds of soft and medium hard ore in the broken, crushing operations, such as: granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, river pebbles, iron ore.

construction waste recycling plant

Construction waste is a kind of solid waste produced in the process of building, rebuilding, expanding or demolishing buildings. According to the different sources of construction waste, it can be divided into construction waste and construction demolition waste.

Therefore, the construction waste recycling has a very important significance, our company after years of research and development of a mature and efficient construction waste recycling plant. In the production line, the construction waste crusher plays an important role.

Construction waste crusher

Construction Waste Crusher working principle

Construction waste crusher machine is our company with domestic and foreign advanced production technology and crusher and combined with some traditional performances of crusher, sand making is currently on the market effect, long service life, high yield, less failure of a high sand processing equipment, so it is favored by the majority of users support and love.

Construction waste crusher is a highly technical equipment in the current crushing industry, which can handle the size of not more than 120-500mm, the compressive strength of not more than 320pa of various minerals, rocks. It is suitable for river gravel, iron ore, quartz stone, copper, limestone and other materials, can be widely used in mining, metallurgy, railway, highway, chemical, construction and other fields. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, large crushing ratio, beautiful particle shape, uniform particle size, no pollution, safety and large output, and is of very high use value.

Advantages and benefits

  • 1.Large block, less stone powder

    The feeding port is big, the crushing cavity is high, and the utility model has the advantages of high material hardness, large block and little powder.

  • 2.Small mechanical wear,high comprehensive efficiency

    The construction waste crusher has complete crushing function, high productivity, small mechanical wear and high comprehensive efficiency.

  • 3.Economic reliability

    Keyless connection, easy maintenance, economical and reliable, high chrome hammer, impact resistance, impact force.

  • 4.Long service life of parts

    The utility model has the advantages of small crushing power consumption, adjustable hammer shaft installation and long life of the hammer head.

construction waste crusher Working Principle and Daily maintenance

The materials from construction waste crusher into the upper part of a vertical high-speed rotating impeller in high speed under the action of centrifugal force, and the other part of the umbrella distribution around the impeller material to produce high speed impact with the ground, the material impact on each other, and in between the impeller and the casing to form a vortex material repeatedly hit each other, friction and grinding, direct discharge from the bottom, forming many closed loop control by the screening equipment to achieve the required fineness.

The main principle of construction waste crusher is to use crushing cone in the cone chamber of the broken casing, to crush, bend and split the ore and other materials, and then rough the ores of different hardness. For mining enterprises in general, the broken was 24 hours of continuous operation, so do the daily maintenance of mobile construction waste crusher, crushing machine to avoid failure, keep the good performance of crusher has a very important meaning for the safety production and economic benefits of enterprises.