Vertical Roller Mill For Sale

Method Of Use Vertical Roller Mill

The loading on the roller is measured by a transducer and the acceleration of the roller by an accelerometer. Resulting signals are combined at a controller which controls a valve through which hydraulic fluid is supplied to the hydraulic cylinder, so that the loading is compensated for the influence of the instantaneous velocity and acceleration of the roller.

Vertical Roller Mill With Improved Hydro-Pneumatic Loading System

Vertical roller mills, especially those common for grinding of cement raw materials, typically employ a hydraulic-pneumatic system to apply a grinding force to the material bed.

A vertical roller mill in which the grinding force is supplied by a hydraulic cylinder having a piston side and a rod side, wherein said roller mill contains an accumulator assembly hydraulically connected to either the piston or rod side of the hydraulic cylinder, said accumulator assembly comprising at least two accumulators being hydraulically interconnected to the same source of hydraulic fluid