Used Mini Aggregate Crushers for Sale

A new and used mini aggregate crusher is the attachment for mini excavator crushing aggregate with no-noise and no-vibration. In general, demolition work with construction equipment covers various methods according to types of demolition, mainly use excavators attached crusher or breaker.

In case of overload such as with asphalt, the crusher is design to slow down or stop for the protection of the engine and hydraulic system. Contrary to the past, these days the demolition method using crusher is popularized rapidly, because we have environmental pollution like noise and vibration occurs during demolition work that used a breaker, it suspended the work or become a target of public grievance. SBM can provide the advanced new and used mini aggregate crusher for sale.


New and used mini aggregate crushers for sale are very lightweight and suitable for excavators with a weight up to five tons. For example, our mini crushers can be used for indoor demolition work whereby noise must be reduced as much as possible.

  • Lightweight design for stability of operating machine;
  • One cylinder system for powerful crushing and speed;
  • High strength and wear resistance materials for reliability;
  • Equipped with the job-proven mini jaw crusher;
  • Grizzly feeder increases overall production;
  • Automatic feed control system;
  • Easy to feed the materials from the front and from both sides;
  • Foldable main ensuring an increased stockpiling capacity;
  • Fully equipped mini-crusher;
  • Eco-friendly: low noise and vibration levels;
  • Aggregate/Asphalt wastes;
  • Demolition and construction sites.