Used Concrete Crusher to Buy

Crushing concrete: for best results you have to use the best equipment. And SBM’s advanced hydraulic concrete pulveriser is the best there is. Today’s demolition jobs require the best demolition tools and techniques.

That’s why SBM’s hydraulic concrete crushers should be your first and only choice. If you need the new or used concrete crusher to buy, SBM is the best and wise choice.

Features and benefits

  • Completely protected hydraulic cylinder with differential valve;
  • Bolt-on coupling system;
  • High quality hydraulic system for fast, efficient operation;
  • Front plate to align debris;
  • Ripper tooth makes short work of concrete;
  • Wide jaws with a large working area for maximum crushing efficiency;
  • Detachable and reversible cutting edges;
  • High-quality cast-metal teeth and reversible cutting blades for extended working life.

The objective of this concrete crusher is to design a crusher that combined the necessary technologies that would produce separation of concrete and steel from hollow core concrete safely, efficiently and cost effectively. In addition to the crusher being designed, the environmental benefits of the use of the crusher were evaluated and the economic feasibility of the crusher established.