Standard For Artificial Sand

The artificial sand is a rock particle with a particle diameter of 4.75 mm which is made by crushing and sieving the stone material, which does not include soft rock and weathered rock particles.

If specified according to national standards, the grade of mechanical sand is generally divided into three layers, in which the content of stone powder of artificial sand is controlled within 3%; the content of stone powder needs to be less than 5%; the range is slightly wider, and only the range of stone powder content is required. Control can be within 7%.

However, at present, the mechanical sand produced by most manufacturers can meet the second and third grade standards. The common feature of sand is that the fineness modulus of the mechanism sand is maintained between 2.6 and 3.6.

The particle gradation is relatively stable and reliable, and the sandstone is rational. More triangles or rectangles, relatively rough surfaces, sharp edges.