Optimum Process Technology For Gypsum

Natural gypsum rock is the most important material in plaster production. Depositions in primordial marine regions dehydrated, eventually resulting in such rock.

We can supply individual machines to accomplish special tasks, but also complete gypsum works where grinding, drying, classifying, and calcining can be performed in one or several steps depending on the requirements.

Processes For The Gypsum Industry

Coarse natural gypsum or mixtures of such gypsum with FGD gypsum are ground, dried, calcined, and classified in the Pfeiffer vertical roller mill. To be noted that up to 20% of recycling material may be added if required. Product fineness and product properties can be adjusted within wide limits (0.063 to 0.5 mm).

The ground and calcined products with their relatively short setting times are mainly used for the production of plasterboard, plaster based construction elements, and as basic material in wall plaster.