Mica Crushing and Grinding Project

Mica deposits are either mined for mica only, when matrix yield is higher enough, or in association with other minerals including kaolin/feldspar. When Mica is present in soft rock, it truly is beneficiated via wet processing, typically blunging, gravity separation and flotation.

Mica is subsequently dried to attain a moisture content material beneath 1%. In difficult rocks, the preferred procedure is crushing, straight after drying, followed by sieving and magnetic separation. In line with the final application, mica demands to be milled to the necessary particle size distribution and simultaneously delaminated to boost its aspect ratio (particle diameter / thickness).

This is obtained either via merely sieving (flakes form), or dry milling (into powder and micronised powder kind) or wet milling for one of the most engineered grades with high smooth sheet surface and particle edges. Processor information is vital inside the balance of size reduction / delamination ratio.

For special applications, mica may be further calcined or surface treated (grafted with organic functions or coated with iron oxide) in order to boost specific attributes such as compatibility with polar polymer matrix.