Kaolin Ultrafine Mill Wear Parts

First: The two fixing bolts at the shaft end of the kaolin ultrafine powder equipment need to be removed, and the compression nut at the shaft end should also be removed. Since the wearing parts are inside the equipment, the replacement steps are complicated. If you do not follow the normal steps, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and even cause certain harm.

Therefore, when purchasing consumables of equipment, first of all, to ensure its quality, if the quality is not good, it will lead to frequent replacement of wearing parts, increase the workload of maintenance equipment, and also affect its normal production, and good quality and damage. The piece will also guarantee the quality of the kaolin powder.

Second: After disassembling the fixing bolts and nuts of the kaolin ultrafine powder equipment, the user needs to disassemble the bulk disc on the equipment and should turn left.

During the disassembly, round steel with φ30 is placed against the bulk disc, and one of them is dismantled first, and the round steel is hammered in a clockwise manner until it is removed. When disassembling the bulk disc of the kaolin ultrafine grinding equipment, it is best to drop some oil on the thread so that it is easier to remove.

Third: Disassemble the turntable of the kaolin superfine grinding equipment. Use three M24 eyebolts bolts corresponding to the corresponding screw holes on the turntable, and use the hammer to knock the turntable, then use the lifting tool to take out the upper turntable, and then take out the lower turntable in the same way.

When the turntable is removed, it is necessary to gradually punch out seven axle pins. After disassembling the kaolin ultrafine powder equipment, you can replace the relevant consumables of the equipment. After replacing the consumables, the user needs to take the correct steps to combine the equipment. Don’t be careless, otherwise it will be for future Production is inconvenient or buried.