Kaolin Grinding Mill For Sale

Kaolin has pearl luster and its color is pure white or light gray. Kaolin is widely used in various industries. There are mainly two fields, one is the filler for the paper industry, and the other is for the decoration coating of the building materials industry.

In recent years, micro-powder technology has not only been promoted to the building materials industry, but also has a great impact on the paper, ceramics, coatings and other industries. The finer the fineness of the raw materials, the higher the degree of fusion in the later processing, and the quality of the products is naturally high. The quality of kaolin processing will affect the final product of the paper production line to a large extent.

The application principle of ultrafine mill is a technical upgrade based on the transformation of Raymond mill, with low investment, low energy consumption and high wear resistance. Kaolin is a viscous material, so the grinding ring and the grinding roller of the ultra-fine pulverizer are designed to be more detailed, and the wearing parts have little influence on the yield and fineness of the product. In addition, the design of the ultra-fine pulverizer screen can screen the kaolin with unqualified particle size to ensure that the material applied to the next production line is fully compliant.