Iron Ore Jigger Machine

Jigging machine, one of the relative new methods for gravity concentration, also named jigger equipment, which is used widely in iron ore mining industry for iron ore processing, iron ore beneficiation, various iron ore mining and processing industry.

This jigger machine is also widely applied on the separation of gold, tin, tungsten, titanium, hematite, coal and other minerals due to its high processing capacity, large range of separation size and simplicity of operation and maintenance.

jigger machine for sale

Jigging machines are equipped with modern system of pneumatic drive due to which efficiency of separation is essentially improved. Control system of jigging machine is intended for automatic control by process of jigging ensuring possibility of integration in control system of upper level with access to all technological parameters.

Sawtooth wave jig is a new type of jigs,It is one of the types of modern gravity separation equipment. New it has formed series whose use is expanded. Such type of jig uses electromagnetic stepless speed regulation which features even rotation, smooth ore current, strong adaptability to selected materials, good separation effects of medium and fine grains, and water saving.

jigger machine advantages

  • High quality ,precision manufacturing
  • High capacity, high recovery ratio
  • Widely use range, large range of separation size
  • Energy conversation, no pollution
  • Simple installation and easy to maintenance
  • The work safe and reliable, long working life