Gypsum Powder Milling Production Line

Raw gypsum can normally be obtained from two sources, namely, as a natural occurance in rock or as synthetic gypsum which can be obtained from different industrial processes like scrubbing power plant chiminies, as detailed inside the following:

Gypsum is found as a natural occurance in rock. Pure gypsum is really a white rock, but impurities can colour it grey, brown or pink. Its scientific name is calcium sulphate dehydrate or hydrous calcium sulphate. It really is composed of about 70% calcium sulphate and 30% water, by weight.

The process of calcination begins with quarrying raw gypsum then crushing the rock by means of crushing, grinding and screening, ahead of getting heated to lessen the moisture content material.

Gypsum Powder Milling Production Line for Sale

In accordance with technological requirement, Gypsum Powder Production line is normally divided into five components, namely a crushing system, storage conveying technique, grinding program, calcined system, and electric handle technique.

The big size on the gypsum ore is broken into modest pieces particles that is much less than 30mm by jaw crusher. The crushed gypsum ore will likely be conveyed into grinding mill for additional grinding. The ground powder is going to be screened into the essential fitness item by classifier along with the large ones will be reground inside the grinding mill.

The essential fitness Gypsum powder is sent in to the boiling furnace for calcinations.