Cost Of Slag Crushing Machines

Slag is really a partially vitreous by-product on the process of smelting ore to separate the metal fraction in the undesirable fraction. Ground granulated blast-furnace slag, also named slag cement, is created from iron blast-furnace slag;

it is a nonmetallic hydraulic cement consisting primarily of silicates of calcium created in a molten condition concurrently with iron within a blast furnace. The molten slag at a temperature of about 1500℃ is swiftly chilled by quenching in water to kind a glassy sand like granulated materials.

After ore smelting and dressing, there shall be lots of types of slag surplus. The furnace slag consists of metal mineral residues, and if they’re not recycled, they’ll induce terrific hurt on the atmosphere. Furnace slag crushing machine consists of jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher. Shanghai Ciros is often a fantastic alternative of furnace slag crushing machine manufacturer.

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Slag evacuates the gasifier through a lock hopper or steady pipe determined by the gasifier layout. Slag or refractory brick whose dimension is much larger than the opening (diameter) in the nozzle on the lock hopper or steady pipe can not not evacuate the the gasifier and and its size needs to be lowered accordingly.

A slag crusher is put in between the quench chamber and lock hopper or steady pipe to perform execute the demanded size reduction duty. The slag crusher is made up of a crusher, pressure vessel and pressure seals.

Jaw crusher is definitely the common crushing plant applied for slag crushing application, it’s optimized functionality of large capability, substantial reduction, low jaw plate dress in and huge feed acceptance capability. We’ve optimized each small detail to ensure large possible performance and reliability.