Construction Milling Machine Manufacturer

Road construction involves diverse types of equipment operating for long periods, day and a night, often far away from the comfort of a repair and maintenance facility. Milling equipment takes the pressure and abuse of tearing up and removing the old road surface while paving equipment processes the hot mixture of sand, gravel, and oils that makes up a future road surface.

All of the equipment depends on numerous motors, gears, bearings, augers, conveyers, and rollers functioning properly. The heat, heavy loads, and abrasiveness of the materials makes for one of the toughest equipment environments you can find. One key to making it all work is reliable, high performance lubrication.

Road Construction Milling Machine for Sale

Road construction milling machines are specially used in scarifying and cleaning concrete and asphalt surface, such as side walk repairing, coating removal, floor cleaning, and traffic marking removal, wipe off epoxy resin and wear proof ground as well as old damaged surface and dirt retention. The declination-feed milling-planning mode and the design of adjustable milling depth ensure the quality of the milling. An amount of shafts can be changed easily; it can be used for many purposes, such as cleaning, coursing, milling, planning, and so on. The adjustable handle simplifies operation and improves the degree of comfort. The control frame system is provided with self-locking function.