Cone Crusher Disassembly Steps

Stop the crusher.

The telephone informs the high voltage distribution room to cut off the power.

the operation box is suspended and the power is strictly prohibited to close the warning sign.

The person is in charge of driving, and the maintenance personnel must evacuate to a safe position when driving the equipment.

Connect the wire rope to the slippery bucket first and then command the row of hooks to slowly rise to the position where the wire rope is slightly tight.

The maintenance personnel use a wrench to disassemble the bolts that fasten the slippery bucket, and then remove the safe position of the slippery bucket after disassembly.

Use the self-made wrench and sledgehammer to remove the nuts on the four pillars. After disassembling, drive the nozzle to the safe position.

Use the vehicle to remove the dust cover and adjust the dust cover.

Pull the adjustment sleeve counterclockwise with a forklift and wire rope until all threads are removed.

Use four special lifting rings to screw into the four threaded holes of the adjusting sleeve, and hang four wire ropes to guide the driving to the straddle.

Check the grinding bolts on the moving cone distributor tray. Serious wear and tear must be replaced.

After ensuring that the distribution plate is fastened firmly, use two wire ropes and shackle lock to lock the head of the moving cone, and use the driving crane to place the special moving cone in the inspection pit.

Use a special spreader to lift the large bevel gear.

Assembly is performed in reverse order.