Calcium Carbonate Making Equipment for Sale

In calcium carbonate making plant, the raw material will be first extracted from the deposit. After quarrying, further processing is required to process natural calcium carbonates (or dolomite, which is very similar) of the highest quality, known generically as ground calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate will be crushed, and then grinded in dry or wet processing.

Calcium carbonate processing technique involved in the production process includes crushing, grinding, washing, sorting of undesirable contaminants, size classification of particles and possibly drying. Depending on end products uses, different steps and processing techniques will be applied. At the end of the process flowsheet, the material is delivered in bags or in bulk when dry, or as bulk tankers for slurries by road or rail.

Calcium Carbonate Making Equipment

SBM provides high performance calcium carbonate making equipment all over the world, which is designed by advanced engineering and high technology. The calcium carbonate production plant has proven high efficiency, low maintenance and energy-saving during years of practice.

The production line is developed based on many overseas product analysis with optimizing design. Calcium carbonate making equipment for sale includes extraction plant, quarry machine, crushing machine, grinding mill, screening plant, drying machine, processing plant, separation machine etc.