Application of Coal Mill in Russia

The results of this design effort was the HP mill that was developed to suit the requirements of American and Asian power industries, and the Raymond mill that offered solutions for the specific needs of the European power and industrial minerals grinding markets.

For over 90 years, Alstom has maintained its position as the leading supplier and innovator of coal pulverisers for utility and industrial boilers. We manufacture a wide range of pulverised coal-fired boilers and components for clean, reliable and efficient steam generation.

Ball mills:You can find two forms: wet ball mill and dry ball mill. Ball mill has a straight forward structure, low expense, high capacity and convenient maintenance. The finished size isn’t even.

  1. Highest purchase and installation cost;
  2. Lowest efficiency;
  3. Limited drying capacity;
  4. Need for a separate classifier and extensive materials handling systems;
  5. High in-leakage to make these mills difficult to maintain an inert environment;
  6. Best for grinding very hard materials.

Vertical roller mills: It is large in look with high capacity. For clinker grinding, we generally use this vertical cement mill. The completed size can be up to 0.045mm.

  1. High performance dynamic classifiers provide superior product fineness control;
  2. More efficient in grinding power and drying capacity than ball mills;
  3. Typically run for 1-2 years between major maintenance;
  4. Can be operated in inert or non-inert environment.