Vertical Roller Mill Used for Limestone

Vertical roller mills for limestone in heavy-duty design with smooth rollers are used for crushing brittle, medium-hard to hard materials with a degree of reduction of approx. 1:4 to 1:10. For customers’ production needs, ZENITH has manufactured lots of high quality and advanced mining machines depending on over 20 years’ abundant production experience.

The vertical roller mill used for limestone has two crusher rollers which can be made of highly wear-resistant steel, carbide or ceramic. Selection of suitable material may cause undesired contamination through wear to be avoided in the best possible manner. One of the two rollers is rigid, the other one being set against springs, so that protection against overload and small foreign bodies is ensured. The crushing space is limited laterally by locking plates, closing at the end faces of the rollers.


Limestone roller mill function

In the vertical roller miller used for limestone, the raw material is crushed by the pressure and shearing action of two parallel rotating rollers. The material to be crushed is pulled by friction through the two rollers rotating in opposite directions and crushed until it can pass through the smallest slot between the rollers.

The type of load results in a uniform size with few fines in the vertical roller mill depending on the material’s fracture behaviour. The friction forces required to pull in the material generally cause the maximum charging size to be limited to about 1/20 of the roller diameter. The throughput of the vertical roller mill is decisively defined by the final graduation required and thus the slot set.

The slot width is adjusted at one of the two rollers by means of a threaded spindle. The rollers are powered via a v-belt drive and a gear motor. In ZENITH’s roller mill used for limestone, the two rollers are powered by one motor, in the larger machines each roller by a separate motor. The upper section of the housing with the feed funnel can be removed to gain good accessibility to the two crushing rollers for cleaning and inspection.

For the roller mill, a basic frame with collecting container is available for laboratory application. The machines also come in stainless steel as well as with hydraulic slot adjustment for special applications.

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