Sand Making Machine Price

As an advanced sand making equipment, sand making machine has wide market demand at home and abroad, The uneven quality of the equipment makes the price of the equipment unequal, why is sand making machine’s price difference so big? There are a lot of reasons, and the details are the key.

Design difference of hopper

Sand Making Machine Hopper

The left side hopper adopts welding hem technology, and the right side hopper adopts stamping process, once molding, the latter technology level is higher, more durable, and the price will also increase correspondingly.

difference of impact block

Sand Making Machine impact block

Sand making machine impact block has a square structure and diamond structure two, the latter is more popular with users, because the diamond combined impact block can avoid material damage in the vertical plate, improve its wear resistance can also take turns on, not only can improve the utilization rate of materials, and the life guard board for weeks sand machine effective protection.

The price of the equipment is also related to the series of products, manufacturers, after service and other factors. The same manufacturer with a series of different types of sand making machine, there are differences in the price, here we mainly introduce the quality of sand making machine price difference, users also need to pay more attention in the selection, not blindly the pursuit of low price products.

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