Jaw Crusher Machine Price

Jaw crusher’s technology is relatively simple, low threshold. Currently on the market of jaw crusher have two different kinds of products, one is small manufacturers of products, these products are characterized by small equipment, backward technology, mostly body welding, cheap price. The other is the products produced by the leading enterprises in the industry. The products are mainly produced by large equipment, with advanced production process, well chosen material and standardized production process, but the price is high.

jaw crusehr price

Jaw Crusher Machine Price

In order to improve the crushing efficiency of jaw crusher, The domestic and foreign research on cracking has never stopped, At present, the mainstream of the market is PE series, PEW series jaw crusher and C6X series jaw crusher.

The three series of jaw crusher, PE series jaw crusher was first developed, because of its simple structure, low price, has wide application. PEW series crusher is based on the PE series, the equipment structure, adjusting device, protection device and make a relatively large change, make the crusher crushing efficiency and crushing ratio have been greatly improved.

Jaw Crusher Price List

Generally speaking, the price of PEW seies jaw crusher is lower than PE jaw crusher price, and higher than C6X jaw crusher price, If you want to know detail, please contact us!

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