Iron Ore Processing Line In Australia

Iron is a very important raw material for steel making industry. Australia has rich iron resources, but the grade of these iron ore is not so high. So in order to make full use of the iron ore, we need firstly process it. Generally, there are three stages in a complete processing plant, crushing, grinding and beneficiation.

Crushing Stage

In the crushing stage, we need a primary crusher and a secondary crusher. Generally, jaw crusher is used as primary crushing equipment and cone crusher is used as secondary crushing equipment to process iron ore. Firstly, jaw crusher will crush the iron ore into smaller particles. And then the particles will be fed into the cone crusher into order to get particles suitable for the feed opening of the grinding mill.

Grinding Stage

After being crushed in the cone crusher, the iron ore particles will be sent to grinding mill for grinding. After this, we can get iron ore powder.

Beneficiation Stage

Beneficiation is used to separate the impurities and other minerals out from the iron ore in order to improve the grade of iron ore. The common used equipment is magnetic separator, floatation machine, jigger and so on.

As we can see, there are crushers, grinding mill and beneficiation machines in the iron ore processing line. SBM can provide various models of these machines. Our engineer will recommend suitable model according to the detail requirements of the customers and do his best to design a best plant for the customers.

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