Improve Productivity Of Impact Crusher

The productivity of the impact crusher will directly affect the economic benefit of the whole production line. So, how to effectively improve the capacity of impact crusher?

Reasonably reduce the humidity of the material

If the moisture is larger in the material, the material is easy to adhere to the broken chamber, and it is easy to block in the blanking process and reduce the production capacity of the counter attack. Therefore, for the material with larger moisture content, the way of drying or drying in advance can be taken in advance to reduce the humidity of the material reasonably and improve the capacity of the counter attack.

Pre screening material

If a large amount of ore is contained before crushing, it will inevitably increase the crushing time of material in the crushing chamber, and the productivity of impact will be reduced to a certain extent. And if a lot of fine powder is contained in the material before the breakage, it will also lower the capacity to reverse the broken. Because these fine powders will be easy to adhere to, affecting transportation and feeding. And pre screening the materials, screening the large and powdery materials for processing, making the materials entering the crushing chamber more suitable for the design requirements of impact, and effectively improving the productivity of impact.

Improve the rotational speed of the rotor

Rotor speed is one of the important working parameters of the impact crusher, and it plays a decisive role in the capacity of the crusher, the size of the product and the size of the crushing. The test shows that with the increase of rotor speed, the production capacity and the crushing ratio of the impact are all increased significantly, and the grain size of the product will be relatively fine. However, with the increase of the rotor element, the power consumption is increased, the wear of the plate hammer is accelerated and the production cost is increased. Therefore, in the production, the high speed of the rotor can not be pursued blindly, and the speed of the rotor should be improved properly.

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