Hydraulic Protection System For Jaw Crusher

The hydraulic overload protection device for jaw crusher is mainly composed of working hydraulic cylinder, accumulator, plunger type fuel injection pump, cam device, oil pressure regulating device, action valve, oil filter and fuel tank.

Main original function:

  1. hydraulic cylinder: Supply thrust for normal work of thrust plate of jaw crusher;
  2. Accumulator:Reduce the oil pressure pulsation of the hydraulic system so that the action valve can vent the oil accurately when it is overloaded;
  3. oil-pressure adjustment: According to the rise or fall of the system oil pressure, through the action of its internal small piston, the piston of the plunger type fuel injection pump is driven by the pulling fork mechanism to rotate one angle in counterclockwise or clockwise direction;

Hydraulic Protection System For Jaw Crusher

working process

Hydraulic overload protection device adopts the oil pressure regulating device, effectively regulate oil pump plunger injection pump stroke, according to the hydraulic system oil leakage volume automatic regulating trace oil cylinder by bolts, ultimate elongation limit position, overcomes the movable jaw hydraulic system of the hydraulic pulse, easy discharge regulation.

In the working process of the equipment, the piston type injection pump is driven to the system for high pressure oil through the rotation of the cam device. The hydraulic system under the crusher allows maximum crushing force by the pressure adjusting device adjusting nut setting, when the pressure increases, the oil pressure regulating piston compression spring shift device, driving the plunger plunger counterclockwise, shorten the plunger stroke to reduce the amount of oil, oil pressure limiting system increased; on the other hand, when the low pressure system add oil, reduce, prevent the hydraulic system, the hydraulic system pressure to keep setting pressure in the initial.

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