Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

The common environmental equipment involved in the treatment of building waste includes construction waste crusher, sorting equipment, screening equipment, and recycling equipment. Building waste will be crushed, screened, separated and other processes, and eventually become regenerated materials.

Portable crusher and mobile crusher is using the full hydraulic driving device, all the functions tend to a more perfect balance point. The construciton waste recycling system also has the dust suppression device and the noise reduction device to ensure the clean and environmental protection of the whole set of equipment.

Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

Construction Waste Recycling

Through the intelligent sorting of construction waste, masonry machinery sorting, crushing and screening, light material sorting and other processes, the construction waste is divided into recyclable materials poisonous and, harmful rubbish, masonry materials and residue rubbish, among which, wood Paper, and other products made into fuel rods, recycled aggregate brick building materials or direct sales, metal and plastic recyclable materials sold to renewable resource recovery agencies.

Construction Waste Recycling Trend In Future

Construction waste recycling is an inevitable trend of development in the future. Promoting the recycling of construction rubbish not only has huge environmental benefits and reduces ecological pollution; at the same time, the formation of its industrial chain can effectively stimulate the demand and development of many industries and is in line with the requirements of transforming the mode of economic development and has certain economic benefits.

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