Blast Furnace Injection Pulverized Coal Preparation Project

We cooperate with Shandong Jinan Iron and Steel Group, which is known as “China’s iron and steel industry clean production and environment friendly enterprise”. The blast furnace is equipped with pulverizing and blowing facilities. The two blast furnaces share a set of coal injection system. The type of coal injection is mixed injection of bituminous coal and anthracite, and the injection volume reaches 160kg/ THM.

Plant Running

Raw coal by enclosed quantitative coal feeder into LM1700M vertical mill, at the same time from the hot air in the system of heating furnace fan northwards from the air inlet into the vertical mill, and ground by grinding of raw coal in fully after heat exchange, take on pulverized coal separator for sorting, fineness of unqualified coarse pulverized coal to drop to carry on the grinding mill,The pulverized coal with qualified fineness enters the explosion-proof gas box pulse dust collector with the air flow and is collected. The pulverized coal finished products are collected through the discharge port and sent to the next link by the conveying device for use.The whole system runs under the condition of negative pressure, the dust of the system does not overflow, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the site.

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