Artificial Sand Making Machine

The artificial sand produced by the sand making machine has gradually replaced the market with unique advantages and became one of the best sources of building materials.

Why do we need Artificial Sand Making Machine

As the natural sand is declining and protected by policies, the cost of natural sand is getting higher and higher, while its profits are getting lower and lower. Machine-made sand market has shown great potential and vitality, so more and more sand machine welcomed by the market! The demand for artificial sand making machine is getting higher and higher.

Artificial sand production line process

Artificial Sand Making Machine

Large stones through the silo by the vibration feeder evenly into the jaw crusher for rough crushing, coarse crushed stone by the tape conveyor to impact crusher for further crushing;

Crushed stone by the tape conveyor into the shaker for screening, screening out several different specifications of the stones, gravel to meet the requirements of the finished product by the conveyor belt finished product pile;

Do not meet the requirements of gravel by the tape conveyor back to the impact crusher to be broken again to form a closed loop multiple cycles.

Other Case

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