automation for coal pulverizer in rolling mill


As the need to reduce carbon emissions become increasingly urgent and coal-fired power plants are being phased out, automation of coal pulverizing in rolling mills has become essential. Automation not only reduces human labor cost and improves productivity, but also improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

The automated coal pulverizer system mainly consists of a feeding device, a pulverizing device, a discharging device, a control system and an electric control cabinet. The feeding device is designed to feed the coal into the coal pulverizer for pulverization. The pulverizing device is equipped with a special hammer and blade that grind the coal into a fine powder. The discharging device is mainly used to discharge the pulverized material from the pulverizing device. The electric control cabinet controls the operation of the whole system and can automatically adjust the feeding speed and discharge amount according to the process requirements.

The automation system uses PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to control the flow of the system and realizes the automatic operation of the pulverizing device. Moreover, its operating system can adapt to different process requirements, while ensuring that the grinded coal is of uniform quality.

In conclusion, automation for coal pulverizing in rolling mills has become necessary in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The automated coal pulverizer system enables the efficient production of uniform coal powder, and makes the whole process more convenient and efficient.

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